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‘Indigo Chevron’ Hand-painted Ceramic Side/Quarter Plates (Set of 2, Microwave Safe)


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Hand-painted Depicting a Unique Inverted Chevron Pattern with Handglazing done at a firing of 1200 degree celsiusMATERIAL:CeramicDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (7.3 * 7.3 * 1.1) InchCOLOUR:Indigo Blue & WhitePRODUCT WEIGHT:?636 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:2 Quarter PlatesNOTE:- Comes in a set of 2.- Does not comes with a spoon as shown in the image.- The hand-painting on the ceramic will not wear away.- This is not a Bone China product.- There could be a slight variation in the glazing/color/finish on the product, as the glazing is done inside the furnace fired at 1200 degree celsius to make the product sturdy and due to the natural property of the glaze it is impossible to predict the color of the glazing/finish which will eventually come on the product after the firing process.COLLECTION STORY’Indigo Chevrons’ is a collection inspired by a very striking and seamless zig-zag geometric pattern known as Chevron. This ancient pattern is characterized by an inverted “V” design, with each side meeting at a point without any interruption. The genesis of this continuous intricate pattern dates back to 1800 BC in Greece where it was prominent in many art forms. Over the centuries, this pattern surged to popularity in several cultures, including that of India. Some exemplary examples where Chevron pattern can be seen in India include the famous Udaipur Palace in Rajasthan, the regal attires of Indian tribals, and the arrows used by Archers of Gond and Baiga tribe. Keeping this in mind, adroit artisans from our country have captured an essence of this ancient art and vividly portrayed that in our collection with a hint of Indian touch.The ‘Indigo Chevrons’ is a collection of tableware and kitchen accessories that include mugs, cups, katoris, dinner sets, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, plates, platters, planters, multi-utility boxes, and more. Highly skilled artisans of India have hand-painted this intricate chevron pattern to capture its traditional essence while also highlighting its wide presence in India. Handmade in ceramic with much care and precision, this range comes in contrasting indigo blue motifs on a white base and is ideal to be placed in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. These placid designs with their artistic and utilitarian value indeed create an everlasting impression. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTIONThe ‘Indigo Chevron’ from the collection ‘The Indigo Chevrons’, is a set of 2 quarter/side plates handmade & handglazed in Ceramic by skilled Indian artisans, ideal for serving chapatis, breads or appetizers. It can also be used for serving salads, fruits or desserts and is ideal for serving two people. The set is hand-painted with beautiful indigo blue colour on a base of white while depicting beautiful inverted Chevron pattern and comes in a glossy finish. This set is lead free as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.FEATURES:- Handmade in India by artisans.- Inspired by a seamsless zig-zag geometric pattern known as the Chevron pattern.- The chevron is an inverted-V pattern, with each side meeting at one point without interruption.- The quarter plates are hand-painted with the contrasting shade of indigo blue on a white base.- Ideal for serving chapatis, breads or appetizers.- Can also be used for serving salads, fruits or desserts.- Ideal for serving meals to 2 people.- Comes with 2 Quarter Plates.- The product is microwave and dishwasher safe.- The product is 100% lead free.- Handmade in Ceramic.- Hand-painted Depicting a Unique Inverted Chevron Pattern with Handglazing done at a firing of 1200 degree celsius.- Comes in Indigo Blue & White colour.- Comes in 7.3″ (L), 7.3″ (W), 1.1″ (H) Inch in size.- The weight of each quarter plate is 318 grams.CARE INSTRUCTIONS1. Use Mild Detergent.2. Avoid using Abrasive material for cleaning.MANUFACTURING PROCESSAt first, the mold is prepared as per shape. The material used for casting is raw clay which is put into the mold. After that, the casted piece is hand-painted by the Indian artisans with a special Chevron pattern. At last, the final piece is then fired at temperatures of 1200 degree celsius.


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