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‘The Elephant Mesh’ Handwoven Showpiece & Table Tea-Light Holder In Iron (9 Inch, Copper Finish)


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Handwoven with Copper Finish using Iron WiresMATERIAL:Iron with Powder CoatingDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (11.7 * 5.1 * 8.8) InchCOLOUR:Copper FinishPRODUCT WEIGHT:?629 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:1 Tea-Light HolderNOTE:- Does not include the tea-light candle as shown in the image.- Comes in a semi glossy finish.- This product has been made by hand and may have slight colour or design variations that are natural outcomes of the human involvement in the process.COLLECTION STORYOnce upon a time, an adventurous craftsman with his son set out to explore the wonders of wilderness hoping to find a muse for his artistic creations. In the wilds, they came across a sanctuary full of migratory birds who were gleefully adorning their new sanctum with materials sourced from the surrounding. They saw a bird carrying twigs in her little beak and carefully placing them on a mesh of scions that rested on a branch of the tree sheltering her flock. Meticulously, she put together those materials to weave a nest for her fledglings who were playing under the care of a helpful and vigilant owl. The other migratory birds in the forest were doing the same. Meanwhile, in a stream nearby, a steady turtle swam to and fro ferrying little branchlets and placed them on the trunk of a mighty elephant who carried it to his feathered friends for helping them make their home. Harmonic existence in this aerial haven enchanted the craftsman’s son so much that the craftsman knew that he had now found his muse.Inspired by the child’s visual experience at the bird sanctuary, ‘Art Gone Haywire: A Tale from a Sanctuary’ collection is a range of copper-finish home decor and tableware items handmade in Iron, comprising of tea light holders, key holders, wall shelves and fruit baskets that are handwoven depicting several animals such as elephant, owl, turtle, and birds like weavers or blabbers in their graceful and thoughtful forms. These stylishly elegant yet minimalistic meshed designs are created by extremely skilled artisans of India and are ideal to be added in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This range of carefully and intricately created designs is sure to illuminate your homes with a comforting, warm, and extraordinary ambience. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTIONThe ‘The Elephant Mesh’ from collection ‘Art Gone Haywire: A Tale from a Sanctuary’ is a table tea light holder in shape of an elephant handcrafted in iron by skilled artisans of India. It comes in copper powder coated semi-glossy finish depicting a beautiful mesh pattern. It is ideal for lighting up your favourite spaces like living room, bedroom or office to create a warm ambience. ‘The Elephant Mesh’ is also a very modish table decorative showpiece and a beautiful gift option for your loved ones for special occasions such as anniversaries, house warming and festivals.FEATURES:- Handcrafted in India by artisans.- Inspired from the visit of the artisan with his son to a bird sanctuary where they saw the hardworking birds making their own nest homes with small twigs.- The tea-light holder comes in the shape of handwoven elephant mesh formed using copper glazed iron wires.- Also acts as a table decorative showpiece.- Ideal for lighting up your favourite spaces like your living room, bedroom or office.- Comes with a holder inside to place the tea-light candle.- Handcrafted in Iron.- Hand lacquered in a semi-glossy finish.- Handwoven with Copper Finish using Iron Wires.- Comes in Copper finish colour.- Comes in 11.7 (L), 5.1 (W), 8.8 (H) Inch in size.- The weight of the Tea-Light holder is 629 grams.- Comes with 1 Table Tea-Light Holder.CARE INSTRUCTIONS1. Remove the dust gently with a soft dry cloth.2. Keep away from water to avoid rusting.MANUFACTURING PROCESSFirstly, the artisans take raw iron wires to make moulds out of them in order to generate the shape they require out of them. After that, all the moulded wires are then welded into one another which makes them stick to each other very strongly. Once it is done, the artisans begin with the beautiful art of weaving or wiring the pieces all by their own hands.Lastly, to protect the surface of the iron wires and to give them certain durability, the artisans apply powder coating in the form of copper finish on the wires, followed by applying a semi-glossy lacquer on the powder coated surface once it cools off and becomes rigid.Once everything is done, you get a beautiful product made from this marvellous, lesser-known and innovative metal-wire handicraft.


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