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‘The Glowing Mughal Floral’ Hand Carved Table Tea-Light Holder In Soapstone (4 Inch)


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Handcrafted in Spherical Shape & Hand Carved Depicting Mughal Floral PatternMATERIAL:SoapstoneDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (3.7 * 3.7 * 3.8) InchCOLOUR:Natural Soapstone BeigePRODUCT WEIGHT:?304 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:1 Tea-Light Holder with Base Tray, 1 Tea-light CandleNOTE:- The product comes in assorted colours.- As this product is handcrafted, there might be a slight colour or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.COLLECTION STORYMughal architecture is synonymous with beautiful Indian stones such as marble and soapstone that were prominently used to make tombs and mausoleums in between the 16th & the 19th century. Apart from the stonework, these monuments were often recognized by intricate floral and jali patterns that highlighted the detailed ancient heritage of Mughal Art and culture. A notable example of Mughal stonework is the Taj Mahal that is world-famous for its rhythmic combination of architectonic style and use of ivory marble that envelops its exterior entirety. This timeless wonder is a symbol of love that tells the legends of emperor Shah Jahan who got inspired by Mughal architecture and used Indian marble to create a beauty for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument carries with it a spirit of Mughal Era that one can experience just by catching a glimpse.Inspired from the Mughal era architecture, ‘Mughal Marvels – Inspired from the Mughal Era’ is a collection of home decor, lighting and tableware items comprising of coasters, chopping boards, incense stick holders, and aroma diffusers that are beguilingly depicting the amalgamation of wood and marble and iridescence look of the soapstones in a simple and classy way. Handcrafted from Banswara and Kayampura marbles, Mango wood and soapstones with detailed precision and grace, these decor items are crafted in different geometric shapes in simple yet elegant colours by the supremely skilled artisans of India. They are ideal for decorating your interiors as they create a peaceful and calm ambience in the surroundings. The intricate hand carving done in the form of floral patterns on some of the soapstone items of this collection, creates mesmerizing designs on your surrounding walls, giving your place a warm and inviting look. These decor items are indeed a ‘must-have’ for your homes. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTION’The Glowing Mughal Floral’ from the collection ‘Mughal Marvels – Inspired from the Mughal Era’ is a spherical shaped tea-light holder which comes with a base tray to keep the tea-light candle and is handcrafted in natural soapstone with a polished finish depicting a floral mughal pattern that forms beautiful designs on surrounding walls. It comes in natural colours with a polished finish and is ideal for enlightening your interiors. It is also a perfect table d?cor item that can be gifted to your loved ones.FEATURES:- Handcrafted in India by artisans.- Inspired from the Mughal era.- The holder comes in a spherical shape.- Depicts an intricate and beautifully carved Mughal floral pattern.- Comes with a detachable base tray to hold the tea-light candle.- Light diffusion from the hand carved cutwork forms beautiful patterns on the surrounding walls.- Ideal for lighting up your favourite spaces like living room, bedroom or office.- Also acts as a table decorative showpiece.- Comes with a tea-light candle.- Can also be used as a gifting option for housewarming parties or festive seasons.- Handcrafted in Coloured Soapstone.- Comes in glossy finish.- Handcrafted in Spherical Shape & Hand Carved Depicting Mughal Floral Pattern.- Comes in Natural Soapstone Beige colour.- Comes in the following dimensions:TOTAL: 3.7 (L), 3.7 (W), 3.8 (H), TRAY: 3.0 (L), 3.0 (W), 0.5 (H) Inch in size.- The weight of the tea-light holder is 304 grams.- Comes with 1 Tea-Light Holder & 1 Tea-light Candle.CARE INSTRUCTIONS1. Wash with water or mild soap only or gently wipe with a wet cloth.2. Do not clean with any abrasive cleaner.MANUFACTURING PROCESSThe initial phase includes large pieces of the beautiful and iridescent soapstone material acquired by the artisans from the belly of Rajasthan, all born from millions of years of pressure and heat and being cut into smaller pieces to get into desirable shapes to create the product that the artisans require. After the initial process is done, the soapstone pieces go through the stage of hand carvings to produce beautiful Jaali patterns inspired by the Mughal era and are given the final finishes to their intermediate forms.In the final stage, polishing is done to these wonderful pieces to make it look even more beautiful to the customer.


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