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‘Bright Night Owl’ Table Lamp With Hand Carved Owl Motif In Sheesham Wood


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Wooden Hand Carving Depicting Owl MotifMATERIAL:Sheesham WoodDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (4.3 * 4.1 * 5.3) InchCOLOUR:Dark BrownPRODUCT WEIGHT:?564 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:1 LampNOTE:- As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.- Wipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.- The bulb & the holder type is E-27. – The lamp is ideal to be used with the filament type bulb.- The plug type is 2 pin plug. – The length of the wire is approximate 60 inch/152.4 cm. – Does not come with the bulb.- Comes with an On/Off Switch.COLLECTION STORYAs the Sun slowly set against the horizon allowing the full moon to rise to its full glory, a new spark of radiance enveloped the sky. The night was embraced by the shine of the rain kissed sidewalks and the glistening, dazzling assemblage of the glittering stars sprinkled upon the dark canvas. The faint wind brushed against the delicate leaves and married the flowers like rhythmic poetry. In the serenade of the black splash of the sky, as the stars sung in infinite patterns, the ethereal owl sat majestically as the moonlight guided its way in the dark. In the dead of the night when we warmed our soul inside, the symbolic creature shone all night for as the most powerful nocturnal basking in the night serenity. The pure black shade of the night was its comfort and the dark velvet sky its warm blanket. As the rest of the world rested their tired souls after a day of labour, the owl guarded the neighbourhood with the company of a canopy of luminous stars decorated across the monochromatic beauty of the ocean of darkness.The owl is a creature that holds spiritual, cultural and religious symbolism in nations and heritages across the globe. The ‘Wooden Klassics: Owl Series’ is a tribute to a creature that emits a pearl of wisdom that comes from within; the wisdom of the soul. With intricate details that will leave you awestruck with wonder, all the pieces have been specially hand-carved and handcrafted to add the essence of uniqueness in your home decor as every piece has a story of its own to narrate to the world. The pieces have been crafted with stunning Sheesham wood as the artisans pay homage to this glorious bird, radiating your house with warmth and positive energy that their dark brown shade brings to your lives. So, adopt the energy of the owl as your spirit animal and fill your house with wisdom, depth and meaning. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTION’Bright Night Owl’ fits into our lighting collection like the perfect missing puzzle piece. The majestic creature of an owl stands as the wisdom that one gathers from within. Having its presence in the traces of Greek mythology as the symbolism of Athena, the goddess of wisdom to being narrated generations after generations as a part of the Indian folklore, this bird has been known to exhibit femininity, wisdom, strength, patience and calmness; all of which this beautiful piece will welcome into the loving walls of your home. Hand carved and handcrafted in the bold tone of dark brown with the finest quality Sheesham wood, the ‘Bright Night Owl’ would make a gorgeous lamp for the people who crave to add in something different, something unique into their decor to match their own beautiful personality. So, adopt the owl as your spirit animal and usher in newer and better things in life, creating a deeper connection with your soul and with your true self.FEATURES:- Perfect to be put up in a living room or bedroom to illuminate your table tops. – It will definitely add a striking vibrant glow to the interiors of your home – Made in Sheesham Wood. – Handcrafted & Hand Carved in Sheesham Wood. – This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. – Comes in Dark Brown Colour. – Comes in the following dimensions: 4.3 (L), 4.1 (W), 5.3 (H) Inch in size.CARE INSTRUCTIONSWipe it with a piece of mildly wet cloth only.


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