Chutney Dip Bowls Dual Glazed Studio Pottery In Ceramic (Set Of 4) –

Chutney Dip Bowls Dual Glazed Studio Pottery In Ceramic (Set Of 4)


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Handglazed Studio Pottery double fired at 1200 degree celsius.MATERIAL:CeramicDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (5.2 * 2.8 * 1.2) InchCOLOUR:Mustard Yellow & Off WhitePRODUCT WEIGHT:?324 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:4 BowlsNOTE:- Comes with 4 Chutney bowls . – 100% Lead Free Glazing have been done on the chutney bowls. – The chutney bowls are double fired at 1200 degree celsius. – As this product is handmade there might be a slight color, shape or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.COLLECTION STORYAlam Ansari, a studio potter and a hard-working family man from Sunderbans, looks up at the sky and at the dwindling Sun, with its vociferous gaze receding slowly and gradually into the black opaqueness of the open moon.A dewdrop of water, from the far sky and the long trees, touches the cold skin on Alam’s face! “It rained that night”?, mentions Alam. He says, “I continued to stare into the sky, and realised that the Sun and Moon are a part of the same clan, playing with yellow and dark colours of the night, yet so different from one another!”? He further adds, “the Sun and Moon are like his own daughters, Saina and Meera, intermingling and fighting with each other, but also loving and caring at the same time”?. He feels blessed by the great Bonbibi (Goddess of the forest)! A second drop of water hits Alam”s face, and he starts to wrap his “Potli”? of work, with a wide smile on his face! Finally, he knows that he will sleep in peace, for tonight he is inspired by the Sun and the Moon and by the meeting of two godly entities!After three months of diligent working and sleepless night, our design team were able to capture the essence of this simple village story, the story of inspiration into “Simply Pastel Part II: Sun & Moon”. This is a range of ceramic tableware with dual tones of mustard yellow and off-white, the pastels that inspired the team and Alam. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTIONIncredibly handmade and delicately hand-glazed by Alam Bhai, ?Four Dips of Starlight is an East Indian earth-tale, that came into being when he was inspired by the irregular, infinite beauty of the Golden Sun and Milky Moon in space; so different, yet part of the same clan. Translating this inspiration into beautiful studio pottery, this set of four ceramic dual-toned dip/chutney bowls with unique shell-shaped bodies and have been double fired at 1200 degree Celsius in 100% lead-free glazes. The exterior and insides of each, is hand-glazed to perfection in a gold-dust mustard glaze, becoming an ombre on the rim in a translucent cosmic-milky glaze, like the forever play of the Sun and Moon at the brink of dusk. ?Four Dips of Starlight is handmade with love by Alam, a Studio Potter, to bring the mystic sparkle of the galactic universe to your favourite kitchen and table spaces.Features: – Can be used to serve chutney, pickle or sauces.?- Depicts Handmade Studio Pottery.?- Beautifully handglazed in dual color on the inside & outside.?- Double fired at 1200 degree celsius.?- 100% lead free glazing.?- Microwave & Dishwasher friendly.?- Comes with 4 chutney bowls.?- Handmade in Ceramic.?- Glazed in dual shades of mustard yellow & off white.?- Comes in 5.2? (L), 2.8? (W), 1.2? (H) Inches in size.?- Volume of the chutney bowls is 40 ML.CARE INSTRUCTIONSHandle with care.


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