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‘Oasis Shankh’ Hand-Painted Aroma Diffuser In Terracotta (Turquoise Blue)


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SPECIFICATIONSART TYPE:Handmade In Shankh Shape With Hand-painting In Desert MotifsMATERIAL:TerracottaDIMENSIONS:(L * W * H) = (6.7 * 4.2 * 4.1) InchCOLOUR:Turquoise Blue with Golden tintsPRODUCT WEIGHT:?384 gramsPACKAGE CONTENT:1 Aroma DiffuserNOTE:- Does not come with a tea-light candle as shown.- As this product is hand-painted & handmade there might be slight variations that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.COLLECTION STORYThe long-awaited wanderer in one of our artisans suddenly yearned for a small trip to The Great Indian Desert of Thar in the north-western part of the Indian Subcontinent. There he wondered how the desert attained existence without sensing the presence of its tranquillity in its agonising and beautiful capital in the form of a green and blue coloured wondrous region of an oasis in the middle of the sandhills. And with this, the unconventional style of hand-painting that existed bought with it in his mind the limitless intuitions and visions of the infinite creations of nature. One such thought was inspired by the design of a cactus which symbolised its sustenance by the water stored in them which help them survive in the arid regions such as the Marusthali region of the desert. A desert that provides recreational value whilst festivals celebrated with great zest and zeal is a hub for our imaginative artists who prepare specific art designs using their conceptualized and alluring ideas and techniques with the help of basic painting materials and introduce to the contemporary world the undiscovered laws of nature.Inspired by the artisans trip to the Thar Desert and the natural and vibrant colours of oasis and desert flora, ‘The Deserted Blues’ is a wide range of home products made by the use of different kinds of woods and terracotta which are handcrafted with utmost elegance by our artisans with modern fusion hand paintings involving a deserted theme and with a cactus symbolising the love and protection of mother nature. These products are made available in various categories involving wall clocks, wall hangings, nameplates, table lamps, tablewares, towel-holders, aroma diffusers, tea-light holders, incense stick holders, key-holders, mirrors, vases and decorative pots all with a base of turquoise blue colour to protect your environment and enhancing your minds with the stillness it requires. The ‘The Deserted Blues’ as a range of home products is essential for fulfilling the chime your home never imagined it could have and for instilling calmness in the vibrant yet exotic atmosphere that surrounds it. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTIONThe ‘Oasis Shankh’ from the collection ‘The Deserted Blues’ is a home item comprising of a shankh-shaped aroma diffuser handmade in Terracotta. This turquoise blue coloured set with golden coloured tints is hand-painted elegantly by our artisans in desert flora art depicting beautiful floral cutwork which can also be used as a gifting option in housewarming parties or as a table d?corative item. This perfect diffuser is ideal to be used for creating a calming atmosphere in your favourite places and to help you de-stress and to create an energizing mood. The ‘Oasis Shankh’ as an exclusive rustic home item is essential to be kept on a table in a living room, bathroom, bedroom and also offices for enhancing your experience and enriching the atmosphere with serenity, comfort and relaxation your warm and cosy space always desires.?FEATURES: – This aroma diffuser is ideal for calming the atomsphere. – Comes with 1 Aroma Diffuser. – Can also be used as a tea-light holder. – Comes with a cavity on the top for pouring/holding aroma oil. – The tea light is to be placed inside the diffuser to burn the aromatic oil above it. – Light diffused from the detailed cutwork forms beautiful floral patterns on the surrounding walls. – Can also be used as a table decorative showpiece. – Can also be used as a gift option for housewarming parties. – Handmade in Terracotta. – Handmade In Shankh Shape With Hand-painting In Desert Motifs. – Depicts hand-painted desert flora. – Comes in the shape of a shankh. – Comes in a rustic finish. – Hand-painted in Turquoise Blue colour with Golden tints. – Comes in 6.7 (L), 4.2 (W), 4.1 (H) Inch in size. – This product is part of our collection,The Deserted Blues. – The weight of the aroma diffuser is 384 grams.CARE INSTRUCTIONS1. Handle with care.2. Keep away from water.3. Clean with a soft dry cloth only.


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