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‘The Bee Collective’ Hand-painted Ceramic Dinner Plate With Katoris (3 Pieces, Serving For 1, Microwave Safe)


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ART TYPE:Hand-painted depicting bees and flowers
DIMENSIONS:DINNER PLATE: (L * W * H) = (10.2 * 10.2 * 0.9),
KATORIS: (L * W * H) = (4.0 * 4.0 * 1.9) Inch
COLOUR:Cerulean Blue with multi-coloured handpainting
PRODUCT WEIGHT:?1652 grams
PACKAGE CONTENT:1 Dinner Plate, 2 Katoris
NOTE:- The hand-painting on the ceramic will not wear away.
– This is not a Bone China product.
– Since the product is handpainted, there might be a slight variation in the design and colour of the product. Also, there could be a slight variation in the glazing/color/finish on the product, as the glazing is done inside the furnace fired at 1200 degree Celsius to make the product sturdy and due to the natural property of the studio glazing it is impossible to predict the color of the glazing/finish which will eventually come on the product after the firing process.
COLLECTION STORY?The Bee Collective is a collection inspired by the awareness being raised for the mass extinction that certain species of bees are facing today. Physicist Albert Einstein has rightly said, If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.? With the booming agriculture, exploitation of pesticides and loss of habitat, the bee population is steadily declining which asks for our immediate attention; as bees play a pivotal role in the pollination process of plants which ensures that we enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables all year long. If the bees were to vanish from the face of this earth, there would be no way for flowers to pollinate and there would be no crops flourishing. Thus this collection is an ode to the bees and our effort to ensure that we all play our part and save the world.

?The Bee Collective is a collection of tableware, wall and garden d?cor comprising of cups, bowls, jars, plates, salt and pepper shakers, towel holders and planter pots. Beautiful bees and flowers are hand-painted by skilled artisans of India on these products, which are handmade in ceramic with much care and precision on a cerulean blue base ideal for your dining table along with indoor and outdoor d?cor. This collection aims to capture bees in their natural habitat and not only appreciate their beauty, but also their contribution to our beautiful Earth in general. to visit other products of this collection.DESCRIPTION

The set from the collection ‘The Bee Collective’ is handmade in ceramic inspired by the awarness raised for the protection of bees. The dinner plate is ideal for serving large or main meals and the katoris for serving curries, dal, vegetables, curd, dessert, etc. The products are cast in a mould and hand-painted by the Indian Artisans with bees and floral patterns. At last, the final pieces are then fired at temperatures of 1200 degree Celsius.

– Handmade in India by Artisans.
– Inspired by the awareness being raised for the mass extinction of bees.
– Beautiful bees & flowers have been hand-painted on a Cerulean Blue base.
– This plate and katoris are ideal for serving meals for a single person.
– Ideal to be used as a gifting option for housewarming parties or festive seasons.
– Comes with 1 Dinner Plate & 2 Katoris.
– The dinner plate & katoris are microwave & dishwasher safe.
– The product is 100% lead free.
– The Dinner Plate & Katoris are handcrafted in Ceramic.
– Hand-painted depicting bees and flowers with hand-glazing done at a firing of 1200 degree Celsius.
– Comes in a Cerulean Blue base with multi-coloured flowers and bees.
– Comes in the following dimensions:
DINNER PLATE: 10.2″ (L), 10.2″ (W), 0.9″ (H),
KATORIS: 4.0″ (L), 4.0″ (W), 1.9″ (H) Inch in size.
– The volume of each katori is 150 ML.
– The dinner plate & katoris are a part of the collection ‘The Bee Collective’.
– The weight of the set is 1652 grams.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS1. Use Mild Detergent.

Dispatch in 5 to 10 Days. 5 days return policy available
2. Avoid using Abrasive material for cleaning.


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